Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taman Botani

Print Ad for my final project

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Professional Development


The ugly comic i've done, i don't know what i draw, i don't know what character i create, i don't know what story i produced...because i've choose wrong subject matter..bahahah..i'm not expert anyway but i try my best to finished my comic. i don't care what people talk shit behind me what i'm doing..because i'm strong..i'm not shy to present it even i know my artwork is 'not bad' or just 'cukup makan'...who care? adaku kesah? then, i also enjoy it. InsyaAllah i will enhance my skill in future..maybe i am the one of Great Comic Artist soon...hehe =p

Practical Training at ABV Graphic 2009

Well, this is my few artwork during my practical training at ABV Graphic Sdn.Bhd. ABV Graphic is located at Hentian Kajang Selangor. It is owned by En. Amir Nushi Ibrahim as Managing Director. ABV Graphic actually is an advertising, printing and graphic design company.

So, please do comment.. =)
Menu book for Seri Jelira's Restaurant, Sg.Merab.

Banner for Ceramah Isu Semasa PAS

Bunting for Riz Cafe

Bunting for school event

Billboard for 1 Malaysia =)